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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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situation. wrong side of the law. tonight 3 south bay deputy now in jail themselves. >> all accused of killing inmate they were supposed to stand guard over. good evening and thanks for joins. i'm amm amma. >> i'm dan. matthew jerrold and rafael being held without bail. inmate 31-year-old michael was serving five year petty theft sentence found dead a week ago in this is cell. >> cornell joins us live with the latest tonight. car nell? >> dan and am machlt 3 deputy in protective custody outside of santa clara county. arrest so shocking. even the sheriff did not hold anything back. >> disappointment and disgust that i feel can not be overstated. >> santa clara county sheriff
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smith was emotional she announce the arrest of 3 of her own deputy. 27-year-old matthew ferris, 28-year-old jerrold and 27-year-old rafael rodriguez educates. trio guard at the county jail accused of killing inmate michael who suffered from mental illness. >> after revving to give a statement each accused murderer was booked finger printed and photographed at the santa clara county main jail. very same jail where they are accused of taking a life of inmate they swore to protect. >> smith says the guard were to be conducting a routine search of the cell last week when something turned violent. coroner found he bled to death after suffering blunt force trawchlt he was found naked in his single cell covered in feces. >> he was alone in his cell. >> attorney paul a can represents the family. >> michael has strilingd many years with mental illness. if and in reality he was in
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custody as result of criminal acts alledgedly occurring. really were result of mental illness. >> 3 kennedy the only ones on duty the night he died possible video evidence of the crime has not been released. neighbor lives next door to the house where the deputy grew up up. says avenues good kid and can't believe he's charged with murder. >> working the area. >>reporter: 3 deputy charged with suspicion of murder assault under color of authority and conspiracy. could be arraigned on tuesday. in san jose, cornell, abc 7 news. >> san francisco judge refused to throw out the confession made by kate steinly accused killer. late ruling came as preliminary hearing continued for fran skoys lopez sanchez. tourist testified about taking cell phone pictures from her hotel window moments after hearing shots. those images show lopez sanchez walking away briskly from pier 14.
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ballistic expert testified that the bullet ricochet off walkway before hitting kate. decision due tomorrow on whether sanchez tried and if so on charges of murder or manslaughter. l police believe verbal dispute escalate entered gun fir leaving one student dead and another person seriously wawnded at sacramento city college. man opened fire in campus parking lot around 4 this afternoon. he ran off and is still on the loose. police urge students and staff to take cover inside campus buildings. told to us go through admission record and leave. they didn't tell us what was going on. we had to sit there. like my friends sat for 45 minutes to an hour and then we were just stuck. >>reporter: officials eventually lifted the campus wide lock did you know and cancelled evening class. tragedy at in oakland tonight where teenager with autism has drowned. 1 19-year-old was walk with his older sister on the west side trail when he slipped and fell into the water t.his sister
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tried to save him but she didn't know how to swim. good samaritan saved the sister but could in the get to her brothers in time t.emergency workers pulled him out but sadly he died at the hospital. >> new at 11:00. 4 people recovering after car hit them right outside the stop town galleria in san francisco tonight. crash happened at about 7:00 o'clock. all the victims went to the hospital. police trying to determine who was at fault. driver is cooperating with the investigation. family pet is recovering tonight after home burglar tricked it into eating glass. take a good look at one of the 2 men seep here fremont police want to charge them with animal cruelty in addition to the brake in. if alan has the story twoyshtion burglar were captured on surveillance camera video about to break into the fremont home on august 25 around 9:30 am. the homeowner who wants to be identified only as george says the camera was set to shoot 32 clips every 5 minutes so it missed the
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burglar smashing the sliding glass door and doing the up thinkable many. >> they threw dog food and dog treat that the glachlts i am assuming as way of silencing the dog. >>reporter: the black lab was bleeding from her mouth water bowl red with blood so she was rushed to vet thinking she ate flames. i think probably the dog was lucky and got in there as lab will do and ate the first treaty or 2 rather fast and cut the mouth and he backed off and didn't take any more. >>reporter: the vet thinks she may have passed a few pieces of glass. meanwhile george thinks he knows why the burglar smashed his sliding glass door. opening the door would setoff the alarm. >> they have seen up tick since the beginning of summer on burglary. now jerj decided to pay forth upgrade that senses broken window and police want to charm the suspect with more than just burglary. facing animal cruelty charges. in fremont alan abc 7 news.
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>> well big part of the apple festival in hayward will be miss thanksgiving year. apple about 7 news at the park tonight where thieves cut through fence and stripped the apple off 8 out of 9 trees. festival still set out of for september 12. apple from nuclear from sonoma county. >> with developing news out of mendocino county tonight crew work to go restore wireless service after vandal slashed fiber pwlins 5 miles south of ukiah. 911 phone internet service down since about 9:30 this morning. it's expected to be restored overnight. >> now to the new scandal facing tsa. agent accused of groping passengers during screenings and at sfo man posing annan agent and patting women down for more than 10 minutes before caught. if david has the story in. video obtain bid the news the officer
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manipulates scanning machine and the male officer sent to him. he's inappropriately according to the tsa patting down male passenger 10 cases over several month. 2 denver officers fired in march but not prosecuted. just last week a tsa supervisor at will guard airport allegedly fond el young woman. the officer also fired facing charges. all leading some to wonder if tsa may have to examine in the way it screens the screeners. today the head of the tsa says employee are held to the hig highest standard. do these cases suggest that you change hire of sivrments occasionally bad apple in the employment. >> it's not just tsa officers. >> that is a civilian with a blue shirt posing as security officer calling over 2 different women taking them into small room for pat downs. 12 minutes go by. finally one of the real officers from the private security company knocks
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on the door. man is arrested. but he too is never prosecuted because neither of the women filed reports. that company says if the tsa and san francisco airport took corrective action. tsa is saying zero tolerance and more track should cut the number of the incidents. david curly abc news reagan washington airport. >> all 3 here who took down gunman on french train now home in sacramento. sfichlt spencer the landed to cheering crowd at travis air forts base tonight. gave few hug and fist bump and he and his 2 friends stopped terror attack last month. gunman stabbed stone with box cutter referring at air fwhais germany. sacramento will have a parade for all 3 men on september 11. >> well deserved. still to come at 11:00. may the force be with them. we are live long lines already formed "star wars"fan try to be the if is to get the hand on some of this
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year hottest stores. >> custody battle over the famous bay bridge chicken that caused a big traffic back up. >> i'm sand yeah. fall like today but get ready for the september sizzle. i have the holiday weekend forecast coming up. >> if look what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live"right after 7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> thanks. get ready for a glimpse into the very near future. hog does it take for something to grow it out like that
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. >> when the clock strikes midnight it will officially be force frichltd lines forming all over the bay area. this is
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target in emeryville where fans waiting for release of toy from the new "star wars"movie. katie tweeted out this picture of the lane that formed hours ago outside the disif i store in san francisco. and katie there live with the hottest thing in the store right now. katie? >> sneak peek at the hottest toy but right now hidden behind the mysterious paper doors. to get the hands on it people started lining up about eight hours ago and the line right now goes as far down as you can see at the end of the licht turn the corner and goes halfway up to the other side. but the wait worth it in less than an hour. shopping spree begins. >> i'm hoping for one of everything. so i'm hoping that i'll be able to get if the drid because that looks fun. i hope we can get some of the little characters a.lot of grit female characters. >>reporter: she and her daughter got in line at 2:45 in the afternoon. >> excitement of it. just like
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excitement of it like opening day. like disney land. opening day. the get everything. >>reporter: on the list as you heard the bb 8 based on the new dried from episode 7 seen in the trailer. adam wilson chief scientist at spear 0is the co-inventor. >> testifies like can you put head on there. >>reporter: he was already making row about the ball but bb 8 is so much more. >> i love the most about it is little cute nechltz you think it's lacking at you. the little eye really bring to it life. >>reporter: then this. fight this is when you look at the product through the phone you use the camera to see it. it becomes something else and project messages. very secret "star wars"messages that you have to get to see. >>reporter: he says it's not a to. it's a row about the. retailing for 150 dollars. but for christy being a part of this midnight release is praiseless? a "star wars"if to be able to share witness my 12-year-old is pretty incredible i.
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>>reporter: there is a limit on how many bb 8 the fans can buy. 2 right now but they tell me the line gets too long they mate actually limit that to one. other disney stores opening early tomorrow morning like daly city, 6 a so if you are a shopper i have to say it. may the force be with you. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> at the time sales force. >> yes definitely. thanks katie. >> we should mention "star wars"is now president of disney. parent company of abc 7. >> getting in and out of san francisco. a little tougher than usual this weekend. bart will once again shut down trans bay service saturday through mopped for maintenance work. a bus bridge run between oakland 19 street station and the temporary transbay terminal. tell page devoted to the tube closure on our web site. sports king street san francisco closed over the weekend for work on the central subway. that's from friday night to tuesday morning which will affect saturday billy joel concert at at&t park. klesh
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will affect 280 king street exit in san francisco. cal train riders face detour around the station. >> there is a custody battle tonight over the famous bay bridge chicken. oakland animal shelter workers calling the chicken chip tribute to the chp open zeros who rescued it from traffic wednesday morning. 3 people each claim to own the bird but so for not able to produce a picture to prove it. but you saw the traffic back up. >> goodness. >> i lake the name they picked f.chip. holiday weekend. >> sandhya is here with the forecast. >>reporter: we are going to have some warm weather as we hit the holiday weekend but for the time being we take a look at live doppler 7hd and mainly clear conditions few clouds passing through the bay area. today high pressure were certainly cooler than average by good 3 to 8 degrees we'll keep new the mode tomorrow. something very interesting right now is the sea surface
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temperature so the buoy off the coast right about average bodega bay 55. monterey bay 59 degrees. and yes san francisco half man bay running a little bit higher than afternoon but we are getting a little bit of a north west wind that's upwelling. colder water. certainly playing part new york we are finally feeling like normal around here. not sticky not humid. probably notices dew point in the 40's and 50's so quite pleasant. and dry for us here in the bay area. it is also cooler with the wind coming off the ocean and the ocean cooler obviously. 54 in half machine basement it's 59 in san francisco. out the doo door. you notice that christmas. los gatos san ramone upper 50's. the visibility is good because it is mainly clear. below average temperature tomorrow warmer pattern begins on saturday and heat peak on labor day. so look at the satellite and radar. this upper level low over the pacific northwest bringing them some showers. fall like system that's
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producing our autumn like weather here in the bay area and this continuation for friday is because the area of low pressure will deepen a little bit so we keep it going for your friday if you like today's weather you love tomorrow. it's dry and breezy again and cooler than afternoo afternoon. now take a look at your holiday weekend. this is where it starts to warm-up. saturday if you have out door plans. no extreme weather. upper 60's to low 70's. coast side inland areas in the upper 80's. sunshineing on sunday. low mid 90's inland and then on monday it's definitely going to get hot mid upper nichlts temperatures along the coast and 70's around the bay and 80's. tomorrow morning you will want to bundle up. it's going to be cool in many areas not just in the north by valley but along the coast as well where temperatures start out in the low 50's and then many other areas in the mid upper 50's. not going to see the mild night we have been enjoying or the sticky morning that you notch don't even need a jacket or sweater. tomorrow morning different. 67 san
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francisco. 64 half machine ba bay. still breezy. 74 san rafael. napa mid 70's. 71 oakland. 77 santa rosa. 73 for palo alto san jose. oakland san may take 0. hang on to the mailed pattern for your friday. accu-weather 7 difficult forecast show you the warmer conditions for the hotel difficult weapon. low 70's to upper 80's on saturday. if you like the heat and you are going to be out at the beach mid 70's coast side sunday monday we go mid about 90's inland for labor day plan. temperatures not going to change a whole lot tuesday through thursday up next week. what about 20 days away from fall dan and amma. just around the
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>> football fans will be treated to one of the country most well known college marching bands this weekend. we were at kennedy high school in richmond as the tiger marching band perform for a large crowd. louisiana musician will play the signature high energy show during half time at saturday state game at memorial stadium. >> that will be spectacular. warriors forward jim's michael showed off the nba championship trophy at sunset elementary school in san francisco tonigh tonight. katie mc the event. latest stop on the team back to school by the bay campaign. the donald foil gave pep talk stressing importance of education. we know him pretty well. really serious about education quite educated himself gift for him. >> football news. >> a lot of stuff tonight. a lot of games. college football season started plus the 49ers and raiders both wrapped up the pre-season tonight. 49ers if in search of some wide receiveers who could make play and offense and they found some
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getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. >> good evening. frirns closed out the pre-season tonight. they have a few roster spots open but one primary goal and that was to bake sure nobody got hurt. niners hosting the chargers. collin strictly a spectator this evening. third play of the gym. thompson hits ellington and aloha. 70 yards just second offensive touch down of the present season for the niners. 8 nothing after 2 point play. about showing up and showing up angry. demolish the lowell rose. the maishingts he will make the 53
11:29 pm
man rosterment one more play. thompson to tight end anderson for a touch did you know. hold on in the pre-season 2 and 2. >> our team right now in my opinion is a team in a good place. a lot of guys that are working really hard but i really like the team. >> so the play at the than. raiders in seattle. seahawks treated this like a regular season game wilson airing it out to locket. 1 for 163 yard touch down. mat fumble in the end zone on touch down for seattle. beautiful touch at the become of the end soechbility raiders lost 31-21. 1 and 3 in the pre-season. tom brady 4 game deflate gate suspension thrown out by judge berman today. june said the nfl didn't conduct an independent investigation and raise question about his commissioner goodell dispensing own brand of industrial justic justice. league will appeal but brady playing week 1.
11:30 pm
>> the end for tim. had hip surgery out for the rest of the season. the 43 agent unlikely the giants bring him back. giants and rockies and the get the call on the mound. carlos had himself a night. 1st inning. taco here and that is gone. rockies build a lead in the flash. bogey helping himself get back in the game in the third. joins light air in denver with the first career home run. giants pitching on fumes. george no relief there. cargo 35th of the year second of the nights. giants lose 6 in a row. college football season kicking off tonight. down goes san jose state. ron leading spartans. out of the tunnel there. hosting new hampshire. joe gray 34 yards to a wide open free man. 13ma zip spartan. irvine eye on the kid he's fast and run wild. 127 yard 3 touch downs. san
11:31 pm
jose state 43-13 win. harbaugh leading michigan into utah. debut of the wolverines. jake the starting quarterback picked off three times thomas it will take back 55 yard for the scor score. utah tcht they spoil debut 24-17. >>
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>> all right glad you are with us. we appreciate your time as always. that's our report. >> i'm amma for sandhya and all of us her at abc 7 news. hope you have a great evening. >> right now jimmy kim actor andrew garfield. hope you enjoy it. enjoy it. >> see you tomorrow
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, andrew garfield -- from "sex & drugs & rock & roll," liz gillies -- "this week in unnecessary censorship" -- and music from faith no more. with cleto and the cletones. and now, if the truth be known, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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